We offer an exclusive level of service of multi-modality diagnosis and therapeutic systems

1. Painless and Needle Free Acupuncture.or EHF-Therapy
It is a new approach in Holistic medicine. The method is based on low intensity waves of millimeter range and incorporates the modern view on acupuncture theory. The waves which we apply are similar to emission of healers’ and Qi-Gong masters’ hands.


Needle Free Acupuncture is noninvasive, painless and effective in treatment of various conditions.
This method usually apply in all cases when acupuncture can help, and even in case of “incurable diseases”. This method can be used alone or in combination with the air-ions and electro-pulse therapy or classic Moxibustion as well. 

2. Electro-pulse therapy with bio-feedback by AcuScen device.
AcuScen device is an adaptive neuro-stimulator applied in modern physiotherapy. Its efficacy is provided by unique analyzes of patient condition and biofeedback response of therapeutic modalities.
The main indications for this technology are muscle-skeletal, myo-fascial problems and painful disorders.
The practitioner can apply AcuScen device directly or via various external probes. 


Direct application of AcuScen device


Application of AcuScen device via External probes

3. Air-Ions and Electrotherapy by AcuVision device.


Application of AcuVision device
in Cosmetolog

Acupoints on the finger


Acupoints on the left ear


The reality of channels and Acupoints has been proved by means of AcuVision technology. It has discovered existence of Acupoints on the surface of any human and animal body.
During International Congress on Acupuncture [Singapore, 2000] we proved that Qi-Gong masters could “switch on” and “switch off” Acupoints on the hands and ears.
Now this device is applied in China to certify level of skills in Qi-Gong. 

AcuVision device also provides non contact and noninvasive Air – ions therapy as well as Pulse Electrotherapy.

4. Assesment of Channels and Organs condition by ANTEL device.

Assessment of patient’s health condition and resistance to various diseases is provided by measuring electrical parameters of Acupoints.

This method was designed in the middle of 50s by Japanese Dr.Y.Nacatany. It has received a name of “Ryodoraku”, what meant “line of high conductivity”.

After measuring ANTEL software calculates results and defines diagnosis as in traditional Chinese medicine. Also, it suggests necessary Acupoints and therapeutic technique.


5. Herbal medicines.
On the base of TCM diagnosis obtained by inspection, inquiring, tongue observation, palpation of pulse and assessment with ANTEL device we suggest you necessary herbs or herbal patent medicine.  

For example,


Field mint is applied in case of high fever with thirsty and desire of cold 


Chinese herbal medicine
Xu Xiao Jiu Xin Wan is
applied for angina pectoris


Ginseng roots are applied
 in case of lack of energy

6. Homeopathy medicine.


Our expert in Homeopathy medicine will ask you about all you problems in detail and choose necessary remedies to relief your pain and other symptoms. We will help you to improve your health and strengthen your resistance to weather changes and environment stress.


Homeopathy medicine was designed by Dr.S.Hahneman (1755-1843)

We offer combined treatment, which includes needle-free acupuncture, electro-pulse and air-ionic therapy and also classical acupuncture and moxibustion as well as herbal medicine and homeopathy.

We can help if you have:
- severe cases of pain,
- frozen shoulder,
- carpal tunnel syndrome,
- coxarthrosis,
- acute and chronic upper and low back and lumbar pain,
- post traumatic problems,
- diseases of digestive system organs,
- chronic fatigue syndrome,
- immunodeficiency and low resistance to stress,
- neuragia and metheo-sensitivity,
- sexual infringements,
- bronchial and lung diseases,

The health cosmetology with use of the modern equipment is offered.

To patients preventive treatment and monitoring supervision with regular examination will be carried out

The most optimistic clinical cases from our practice:

Case # 1: a female patient, 67, had a severe Phantom pain after amputation of her leg. We provided Acupressure of the point Sp-4 (Gong Sun) connected to Chong Mai Extraordinary Vessel on the healthy side. After a short time, her pain increased dramatically, the phantom pain suddenly vanished and has not appeared again.

Case # 2: a male patient, 36, had a terminal stage of Hodgkin's disease. During twelve years of disease he had received more than fifteen courses of chemotherapy and X-ray therapy as well. He went from bad to worse. During first month of EHF-therapy his condition became stable. After next two months all symptoms of the disease had disappeared. Later he received several courses of needle-free acupuncture to support his health. He lived additional four years in spite of the diagnosis
 that had determined he had no more time to live

Case # 3: a male patient, 78 had relapsed of skin Melanoma cancer with metastasis into the brain. He received surgical operation and about 10 courses of chemotherapy and X-ray therapy. Nevertheless the prognosis for his disease still was very bad and they suggested a dismal end in a month or two. In 2001, after assessment with ANTEL software he began to receive EHF-therapy and Moxibustion. Now [2008] his condition is stable and he is continuing to apply Moxibustion himself.

Case # 4: a male patient 45. with decompensation of gastro-duodenal stenosis had his schedule for surgical operation in a month. He received four sessions of EHF-therapy. In a month all symptoms of stenosis had gone and endoscopic examination revealed significant improvement of gastro-duodenal permeability. A surgeon did not recommend doing operation at that time. 

Gastric polyps patients: ”... Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Puncture ... can be used successfully in treating patients with Gastric polyps. After 1-4 months of treatment, besides clinical improvement, it is possible to achieve disappearance or diminution of gastric polyps...” [M.Teppone. Therapeutic Effect of EHF-Puncture on Gastric Polyps. Amer. J. Acupuncture, 1991, 19 (1): 11-16.]. 

Peptic ulcer patients: “... Extremely high frequency (EHF) radiation was performed in 95 outpatients with duodenal ulcer. Individual choice of the exposure site can improve the treatment results. The syndrome-oriented approach of the Chinese conventional medicine warrants an effective choice of the acupuncture loci and the prognosis of the outcome. A clinical syndrome was identified in which healing of the ulcer was achieved on week two of the treatment in 92.3 +/- 7.7% of the patients [M.Teppone et al… Ultrahigh frequency therapy of duodenal ulcer – Klin Med (Moscow), 1991 Oct; 69 (10): 74-78 : PMID: 1766225]

Low back pain: [M.Teppone, R.Avakyan, EHF-Therapy of Lower Back Pain Syndrome. – The 11th International Scientific and Practical Conference on Quantum Medicine; New Medical Technologies and Quantum Medicine. January 24-27, 2005 (reports), pp. 71-72 (rus)]

Panic Attacks:.[A.Krotenko, E.Petrova, M.Teppone, Application of Multizonal EHF- Therapy for the Treatment at the case of Panic Attaches. Millimeter Waves of Non-Thermal Intensity in Medicine. International Symposium, October 3-6, 1991, Moscow (reports), pp. 234-237 (rus).]

Coronary Heart Disease: [A.Krotenko, M.Teppone et al., Microwaves in Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease (Angina Pectoris). — Microwaves in Medicine 1991: International Scientific Meeting, April 8-11, 1991, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Digest of Papers), 213-217 p.]

Palliative and combine therapy in Oncology....
- M.Teppone, R.Avakyan, Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy in Oncology. – Millimeter Waves in Biology and Medicine. 2003, N 1 (29), p. 3-19 (rus).
- M.Pilkh, M.Teppone et al., Place and Perspective of Quantum Therapy in Modern Oncology. – Oncology: Theory and Practice. Proceedings of the Scientific and Practical papers, Balashikha, Moscow, 2004, p. 37-47 (rus).

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