Training Courses

AcuTech International Inc provides regular courses and seminars on various topics:

1. AcuScen device – technical and practical aspects: level 1, 2 and 3;
- the 1st  level – introduction into the AcuScen and SCENAR technology;
- the 2nd level – advanced training in AcuScen technology;
- the 3rd level – traditional Chinese medicine and AcuScen technology;

2. AcuScen and TCM in Cosmetology


Manual for AcuScen Pro+ device [# ASPro+]

3. Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy and EHF-Puncture: Artsakh device for EHF-Therapy:

This course includes theoretical and practical aspects of Extremely High Frequency (EHF) therapy, application of EHF-therapy on the base of TCM approach, as well as “Artsakh” device use in every day practice.


Manual for Artsakh-03 device [# EHF-03]

4. Visualization of low resistance points (acupoints) and air-ions therapy by AcuVision device.

This course includes theoretical and practical aspects of low resistance points (acupoints) visualization and Air-ion therapy and electro-puncture by AcuVision device. There are practical recommendations for common diseases treatment.  . 


Manual for AcuVision device [# AVD]

5. ANTEL hardware and software:

This course includes basic theory of TCM and Ryodoraku method and practice of ANTEL hardware and software application.


Manual for ANTEL hardware / software complex [# AHSC]

6. Classic and Modern Aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This course includes lectures on classic aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, modern view on various TCM theory and practical application of TCM in every day practice. 


Classic and Modern Aspects of TCM [# TCM]

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