AcuTech International Inc  promotes and distributes diagnostic and therapeutic equipment designed for holistic medicine, especially for traditional Oriental medicine.

AcuScen is a device for electro-pulse therapy with biofeedback.
It delivers bi-polar electrical pulses, which resemble the natural pulses of the neural cells.


The operator can modify the amplitude, frequencies, and form of the pulse. Without special training AcuScen can be applied for pain-relief and anti-stress purpose. An experienced practitioner after training courses can provide highly effective treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including pathologies of digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Artsakh is a device for microwave therapy or needle free acupuncture. 

Artsakh device generates very low-intensity electromagnetic waves of millimeter band (1 to 10 mm).
EHF-Puncture is noninvasive, painless and universal therapeutic modality.
By Artsakh device an acupuncturist can stimulate different kinds of "Arrival of Qi phenomenon" at the place of Qi-disorders directly without any needle manipulation.
So, it can be effectively applied to act on the corporal traditional acupoints as well as on the points of different Microsystems: Ear, Palm, Sole, Nose, Pulse.


AcuVision is a device for visualization of acupoints, electro-pulse and air-ions therapy.


There is a unique possibility to watch luminescence at acupoint area by the naked eyes.

Practitioner can estimate preliminarily condition
of the patient’s Acupoints and Channels and
suggest individual therapy.

AcuVision also is a good tool to conduct
modern scientific study in TCM field

ANTEL is a hardware / software complex for definition of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Based on Ryodoraku principle Antel hardware measures Channels conductivity and then software calculates and provides TCM diagnosis and therapeutic recommendations.

For the first time it is possible to compare objective parameters of the patient’s body with his or her symptoms and theory of traditional Chinese medicine.


Blankets for Rejuvenation and Energy saving, etc.

In Blanket

Energy Saving blankets are effective:
- to protect your body from the harmful electromagnetic emissions,
- to save your energy,
to reduce recovery period,
to prolong your life,

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