Electronic magnetic radiation is used in treatment

[The Sunday Times (Singapore): March 19, 2000]
By Leong Weng Kam

A Russian doctor and an Armenian radar scientist have come up with a painless way to perform Chinese acupuncture − without using needles. Instead, the patient is treated using a machine, which produces electronic magnetic radiation. Dr Mikhail Teppone, from Russia, and Dr Romen Avagyan, from Armenia, call the technique Extremely High Frequency Puncture. It integrates traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern Western science.

Magnetic radio waves from a micro generator moderated by a transmitter send qi − or energy − to the acupoints of a patient, without contact with his or her body.

Said Dr Teppone, 42: “The effect is the same as poking a needle through the skin of the patient.” He presented the new acupuncture method yesterday at the start of the two-day Fifth International Congress of TCM and Acupuncture at the Hilton Hotel.

Dr Avagyan, 55, told The Sunday Times that both he and Dr Teppone started developing the technique more than 10 years ago.The latest model of the machine, called the Artsakh device, was developed only two months ago in Britain, where both of them work.

“We are ready to market the technology in a big way now,” said Dr Teppone, who brought a set here to demonstrate. Costing between 2.000 and 3,000 (pounds of UK) each, he said the machine is widely used in Russia and several Eastern European states. It has just been introduced to Britain and Germany, he added.

Dr Avagyan said they are looking for Singapore partners to manufacture the machine and market it to China and other parts of Asia.

The executive chairman of the congress, Chinese physician and acupuncturist T.T.Ang, said the electronic magnetic radiation method of acupuncture would be good for those who are afraid of needles and pain.

More than 150 people from over 30 countries are attending the congress, which is organized by the Chinese Nature-cure institute which promotes TCM, acupuncture, taiqi and qi-gong-exercises in Singapore.

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