Modern Aspects of EHF


[The Modern Aspects of EHF-Puncture: Workshop
at The 5th International Baltic Congress on Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques, - Jurmala, May 28-31, 1998]

M.Teppone, R.Avagyan

EHF-PUNCTURE: The EHF-Puncture applies low intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of millimeter (MM) band. On the EMR spectrum, EHF resides between centimeter radio waves and infrared waves and includes frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz or wavelengths from 10 to 1 mm. In clinical practice the usual applied power of this radiation is 1.0-0.001 mW and less. The combination of different biological effects of MM EMR and acupuncture theory of TCM resulted in the procedure known as Extremely High Frequency (EHF) - Puncture.

PECULIARITIES: EHF-Puncture proclaims the same principles as traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion but nevertheless has some peculiarities: EHF-Puncture is non-invasive, so there is no problem of sterilization of instruments or danger of bacteria or viruses transmission from one patient to another; painless; universal: MM EMR can be used to treat "Deficiency" or "Excess", "Heat" or "Cold" syndromes, the type of response depends on the initial condition of the patient and the exposure time depends on responses of the patient; EHF-Puncture permits one and the same acupoint to be "tonified" or "dispersed" several times during the same procedure; can stimulate different kinds of "Arrival of Qi phenomenon" without needle manipulation, sensory reactions may even be observed in paralyzed extremities of spinal trauma patients: MM waves can stimulate specific sensory reactions (phenomenon De Qi) not only at the place of influence but at the place of Qi-disorders directly: so, one may apply it to influence on the corporal traditional acupoints as well as points of different microsystems: Ear, Palm, Soul, Pulse points, Nose, etc.

DEVICES FOR EHF-PUNCTURE: A series of "Artsakh" devices intended for EHF-Puncture therapy is based on a solid state MM generator with a microprocessor managing system and provide three radiation modes: coherent (at the frequencies of absorption lines of oxygen or water vapour: 60.0; 118.0 and 184.0 GHz), "noise" (42-95 and 90-160 GHz) and combined. It is possible to adjust output power, internal amplitude modulation (1-200 Hz) and exposure time. The generator head of each device may be provided with infrared or colour radiation.

DIAGNOSTIC DEVICES: A special diagnostic device called "ACUVISION" has been developed for the purposes of testing the functional status of the patients' acupoints and channels. This device visualizes acupoints with low electrical resistance by means of illumination in a high-voltage corona discharge field. Intensity of illumination and relaxation time can be used as criteria of "Excess" syndrome at certain acupoints and channels. "ACUVISION" visualizes acupoints on human or animal skin as well as on the surface of plants.

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