EHF-Puncture, in 1991

(a clinical analysis of 10 cases).

The First Arab Conference on Medical Biophysics, Cairo Univ. 15-17 January, Cairo University Press, 1991, p. 48.

Michael Teppone, Alexey Krotenko.


EHF-puncture* is a new therapeutic method based on both the different biological effects of the low level (non-thermal millimeter electromagnetic waves and Acupuncture theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be successfully used in treating Gastric Polyps which are recognized as a precancerous lesion (the histological diagnosis was adenomatous polyps). Among 10 out of door patients after 2-3 months of treatment the main symptoms disappeared in 6 cases and became less in 3 cases. Gastroscopic examination showed that therapeutic effects were as follows:
- 4 cases with disappearance of one or more polyps,
- 3 cases with diminishing of polyps by more than half of their original size,
- 2 cases with reduction of polyps by more than one third of their original size.
And only 1 case with no obvious change of polyp.

In control group of 10 patients, which were also selected from the gastric polyps cases and who received no treatment, there was no case showed endoscopic improvement during 5-6 months.

The Cairo University
The Arab Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (AUPAB)

*In this abstract the term “EHF-Puncture” was applied for the first time.

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