Rejuvenation and Energy Saving Blankets

In Blanket

The first fundamental works on investigating the approaches and elaborating the devices of this type had been carried out by Wilhelm Reich and his colleagues in 1930s-1950s.

The key part of these devices is an encapsulated chamber intended to create artificial localized ecological conditions where the patient's body, or a part of the body, is put in. The specific properties of this chamber provide the desired activation of the body's self-regulative and self-recovering mechanisms.

Now Energy Saving and Rejuvenation Blanket became a distinctly new bio-energetic therapeutic tool which acts on the patient by his or her own infrared and millimeter wave emissions reflected back onto the patient's body.


The Energy Saving and Rejuvenation Blanket presents a combination of several specific membranes, which produce the desired integral therapeutic effects.

The specifically designed membrane inside the blanket prevents the patient's body electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards. It converts these emissions and reflects them back that provide the effect of redistributing the charge density and exerts the therapeutic action on the biologically active points of the body surface.

As a result correction of possible faults in the systems controlling the overall homeostasis within the organism takes place.

There are various colors of the Blankets*:


* - the color on the picture can be differ from the original 





other colors

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