Artsakh Device


Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy


Manual for Artsakh-03 device [# EHF-03]

1. Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy

  1.1. EHF–Therapy is a new needle-free method of treatment
  1.2 Short introduction into EHF-therapy:
  1.3. Electromagnetic waves of Millimeter band
  1.3. Modality of EHF–Therapy
  1.4. Specific sensations during EHF–Therapy
  1.5. Apparatus for EHF–Therapy of series “Artsakh
     1.5.1. Short review on apparatus for EHF–Therapy
     1.5.2. Modifications of series “Artsakh” devices
     1.5.3. The main blocks of “Artsakh” devices
     1.5.4. Settings of “Artsakh” device applied for treatment

2. Different versions of EHF – Therapy 
  2.1. “Individual” and “Standard” methods of EHF – Therapy 
  2.2. Specific and non-specific effects of EHF-therapy
  2.3. Various Biological Effects realized during application of different version of EHF-therapy
  2.4. Standard and Individualized Settings of “Artsakh”

3. “Standard” methods of EHF – Therapy

  3.1. Usage of standard acupoints and skin zones.
3.2. Restoration of the balance between Stomach and Spleen Channels
  3.3. EHF-therapy on the points, suggested by Dr. R.Voll
3.4. Application of various Microsystems
     3.4.1. Interrelation between the part of the body and the whole body
     3.4.2. Settings of Artsakh device to treat via Microsystems
     3.4.3. EHF-Therapy on the points and zones of sole
     3.4.4. EHF-Therapy on the points and zones suggested by Dr. Park Jae Woo
3.4.5. EHF-Therapy on the auricular points and zones
  3.5. EHF-Therapy on the “Alarm” points
  3.6. EHF–therapy on the reflexogenic zones named by Zakharyin and Head
3.7. EHF-therapy on the “Back-Shu” points and segmental reflexogenic zones
  3.8. Practical recommendations on «standard» EHF-methods

4. Acupoints and skin zones applied in treating of various diseases and conditions
- Diseases of respiratory system
     - Diseases of cardiovascular system
     - Diseases of digestive system
     - Diseases of kidney and urinary tract
     - Orthopedic diseases
     - Diseases of central and peripheral nervous system
     - Diseases of female reproductive system
     - Ear, pharynx and larynx diseases
     - Skin diseases
     - Sexual disorders
     - Dental diseases

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