ARTSAKH” device represents a microprocessor managing system of the solid-state generator in the millimeter wave band. It is designed for Extremely High Frequency (EHF) therapy. Another name of this therapeutic modality is a Millimeter wave therapy.

Millimeter waves resides between infrared radiation and centimeter radio waves and include frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz or wavelengths from 1 to 10 mm. For medicinal use the power of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) never exceeds 10 to 1.0 mW


“Artsakh-03” device

Three types of electromagnetic radiation are used in practice: Coherent, which has a fixed frequency and constant phase, and “Noise-like” having a broad spectrum, with randomly varying amplitudes and phases, and its combination. The
amplitude of emission can be modulated by internal meander in rang of 1-99 Hz. Besides this, there is a «wave-swing» modulation in the range of 1 – 99 – 1 – 99 – 1.

There are 3 versions of “Artsakh” devices, designed for Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Puncture:
“Artsakh-01” has Noise-like emission in the band of 42-95 GHz, and Coherent - 60 GHz;
“Artsakh-02” has Noise-like emission in the band of 90-160 GHz, and Coherent - 120 GHz;
“Artsakh-03” unites wave bands of both Artsakh-01 & Artsakh-02 devices.


Coherent and “noise-like” radiation spectra of “Artsakh” devices

EHF-Puncture or Needle-free Acupuncture is a relatively new and effective treatment method of various diseases by means of exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of patient’s acupoints or reflexogenic zones.

By Artsakh device one may act on various acupoints via wave-guide. Besides standard channel points the practitioner can apply extra channel points and various Microsystems, including nose and auricular points, points on the pulse or even the points on the palm lines.



 A doctor who prefers to act on reflexogenic zones can use Artsakh device without waveguide.


without wave-guide

Specific sensations or “arrival of Qi” phenomenon during EHF – Puncture have some peculiarities. Local sensations at the place of EHF-exposure are observed in cases, when there are mainly local disorders. But usually in the beginning of the treatment different sensations moving along the patient's legs, arms, trunk or just along the certain channel (warm, cool, waves, creeps, etc.) appear.

After that the patient experiences various sensations, which reflect the elimination of his initially presented disorders. Some patients experience various “visual sensory reactions” in spite of closed eyes. These sensations can include “watching change of the colors”, “appearance of light” or even more complex visual images resembling dreams.

The Most Important Special Properties of the EHF – Puncture:
In spite of the fact, that EHF-Puncture declares the same principles as traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion, we would like to pay attention to the most important properties of this new approach in acupuncture:

1. EHF-Puncture is a needle free noninvasive therapeutic method: MM EMR is transmitted to the selected acupoints by means of a special dielectric wave-guide and, therefore, there is no problem with sterilization of instruments or danger of bacteria or viruses transmission from one patient to another.
2. EHF-Puncture is painless: this peculiarity is very important during treatment of patients with a high sensitivity to pain.
3. EHF-Puncture is universal: MM EMR can be used to treat “Heat” or “Cold”, “Deficiency” or “Excess” syndromes; the type of response depends on the initial condition of the patient.
4. EHF-Puncture can stimulate different kinds of “Arrival of Qi phenomenon” without needle manipulation. Electromagnetic radiation of millimeter band stimulates specific sensory reactions (phenomenon De Qi) not at the place of influence but at the place of Qi-disorders directly. Sensory reactions may even be observed in paralyzed extremities of patients with injury to the vertebral column.

Thus, EHF-puncture, based on the syndrome approach of traditional Chinese medicine, represents a new and efficient method for treatment of various diseases, including those whose etiology and pathogenesis are unknown, while nosologic diagnosis is difficult to determine and treatment methods are undeveloped.

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