ANTEL is a hardware / software diagnostic complex based on Ryodoraku* technology and designed for professional application in holistic medicine. For the first time it is possible to carry out scientific studies in accordance with the different laws and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


In the beginning a practitioner is measuring acupoints on the both hands and feet. These points are suggested by software automatically in turn. You can choose pictures with the skin, muscles, bones, etc. Measurement results are recorded into a RyoTable.

acupoints_t acupoints_b

Possible visualization of the measured acupoints

The software provides various calculations, based on principles and laws of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These calculations include: “12 Channels”, “5 elements”, “Yang & Yin” pairs, “Left & Right” branches and “Top & Bottom” or Hand & Foot Channels, etc.

12 Channels:
The software calculates middle line and norm corridor. If result of measuring is inside the norm corridor, it means that Channel is in normal condition. Channels, which results of measuring are higher than corridor of norm, are in Excess condition, and Channels, which results of measuring are lower than corridor of norm, are in Deficiency condition.

Excess of Qi

Middle line and corridor of norm

Deficiency of Qi


5 Elements:
There are 5 Elements and special rules of interrelation between Elements and order of treatment to restore balance between elements.
Wood: Liver and Gall Bladder (green),
Fire: Heart and Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater (red),
Earth: Spleen and Stomach (yellow),
Metal: Lung and Large Intestine (white),
Water: Kidney and Bladder (usually it is black, but in this software it is blue).

In the beginning of calculation the w
eakest Element is marked by # 1, then software compare it with other Elements. 



Deficiency of Metal
and Excess of Water



Deficiency of Metal,
Excess of Wood



Deficiency of two neighboring
Elements: Metal and Earth



Excess of Fire
eficiency of Metal



Excess of two neighboring Elements: Wood and Fire



Excess of Wood and Fire,
Deficiency of Metal

In the frame of 5 Elements law the software may recognize the following states: 
Case # 1: There is Deficiency of one element [Metal # 1] with or without Excess of neighboring element Water [# 2]: there is no recommendations based on the “5 Elements” law.
Case # 2: There is Deficiency of two neighboring elements [Earth # 5, Metal # 1]. In accordance with the “Mother - Son” principle to reinforce Son [Metal # 1] one has to reinforce its Mother [Earth # 5].
Case # 3: There is Excess of two neighboring elements [Wood # 3, Fire # 4]. In accordance with the “Mother - Son” principle to sedate Mother [Wood # 3] it is recommended to sedate its Son [Fire # 4].
Case # 4: There is Deficiency of Metal element [# 1] and Excess of next nearest Wood element [# 3]. In accordance with the “Grandmother - Grandson” principle to sedate Grandmother [Wood # 3] it is recommended to reinforce Grandson [Metal # 1].
Case # 5: There is Excess of Fire element [# 4] and Deficiency of next nearest Metal element [# 1]. In accordance with the “Grandmother - Grandson” principle to reinforce Grandson [Metal # 1] it is recommended to sedate Grandmother [Fire # 4].
Case # 6: There is Excess of both Wood and Fire elements [# 3 and 4] and Deficiency of Metal element [# 1]. In accordance with the “Grandmother - Grandson” principle to sedate Grandson [Wood # 3] it is necessary to reinforce Grandmother [Metal # 1]. In accordance with the “Mother - Son” principle to sedate Mother [Wood # 3] it is recommended to sedate her Son [Fire # 4]. At the same time when you sedate Fire element [# 4], which is a Grandmother with respect to Metal element, Metal element [# 1] is reinforced in accordance with the “Grandmother - Grandson” principle.

Yang - Yin pairs of channels:
12 Channels are divided into 6 pairs, which are united on the base of Yang-Yin principle. These pairs are: Lung - Large Intestine, Spleen - Stomach, Heart - Small Intestine, Kidney - Bladder, Pericardium - Triple Heater, Liver - Gall Bladder. When there is imbalance between channels in Yang - Yin pair it is recommended to apply Luo and Yuan points to restore balance.

Hand and Foot pairs of channels:
12 Channels are divided into 6 Yang-Yang and Yin-Yin pairs, which are united on the base of “Top and Bottom” principle. These pares are: Small Intestine - Bladder, Triple Heater - Gall Bladder, Large Intestine - Stomach, Lung - Spleen, Pericardium - Liver, Heart - Kidney. When there is imbalance between these channels it is recommended to restore balance between upper and lower parts of the body.

Left and Right branches of channels:
12 Channels have left and right branches. When there is imbalance between these branches it is recommended to restore balance between left and right sides of the body.

Yang-Yin Hand-Foot

After calculation software recommends necessary acupoints and reflexogenic zones and methods of manipulation: sedation, reinforcing or harmonizing. Treatment includes the following options: General treatment, Yang-Yin, Triads, 5 elements, Yang-Yin pairs, Points of Exit and Entrance, 12 Channels.


“General” means treatment of imbalance between Stomach & Spleen (Ying Qi production), Deficiency of Kidney (Yuan Qi) or Heart (Emotional problems)

Yang-Yin imbalance includes Yang-Yin and Hand-Foot pairs as well as Left and Right branches

Triads includes treatment of imbalance between Yang-Yin, Hand-Foot and Left-Right branches

5 Elements - there are recommendations to restore balance between 5 elements (channels)

Yang-Yin pairs
- there are recommendations how to restore balance between Yang-Yin pairs

Exit and Entrance Points
- there are recommendations to restore circulation of Qi along 24 hours circle: Lung - Large Intestine - Stomach - Spleen - Heart - Small Intestine - Bladder - Kidney -Pericardium - Triple Heater - Gall Bladder - Liver - Lung - ... etc. by the points of Exit and Entrance.

12 Channels - there are recommendation how to reinforce or sedate any of channels with Deficiency or Excess.


A practitioner can receive recommendations to act on various skin zones, which connect with Front Alarm points, Back Shu points and direct projections of the organ onto the front surface. These zones can be visualized on the screen.


In the “Sum” option, all calculated results are shown as digital data.
The difference between Yang-Yin pairs can be calculated in percentage. So, scientific investigations and statistic calculations are available now.

Examples from the practice:
By ANTEL software a doctor can differentiate a type of stroke: hemorrhagic stroke was characterized by Excess of Liver and Deficiency of Spleen, but ischemic stroke was characterized by Deficiency of Liver.


Hemorrhagic stroke


Ischemic stroke

Coma condition (unconscious state) is characterized by “absolute norm”: there is no deviation from the middle line and corridor of norm. Some days before death patient had very low figures, several hours before death all digits were high.

Tumors: Malignant or benign proliferative process was accompanied by imbalance between Yin Channel (Excess) and Yang Channel (Deficiency).

Immune deficiency was characterized by Deficiency of both Spleen and Bladder Channels.

Sjogren's syndrome (one patient) had significant Excess of Metal element (Lung & Large Intestine).

One side problem like underdeveloped right hand was characterized by Deficiency of right branches of Yang Hand channels and significant asymmetry to compare with the left branches of the same channels.

* Diagnostic method named “Ryodoraku” (lines of high conductivity) was designed in the middle of 50s by Japanese doctor Y.Nacatany

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