“AcuVisionrepresents the high-voltage pulse generator with the microprocessor management, intended for visualization of acupoints with the low electric resistance by means of their luminescence in high voltage corona discharge, and also, for realization of electro-pulse and air-ions therapy on various acupoints and reflexogenic zones.

The device includes a power and control unit, positive and negative active electrodes and two grounding electrodes: one for the patient and another for operator.


Visualization of acupoints: “AcuVision” is a device for visualization of acupoints and active skin areas. Initially grounded bio-object is placed in the electrostatic field, created by a high-voltage corona discharge. The Electrostatic field intensity is at the maximum in the points (or skin area) of the minimum skin resistance.

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Luminescence originates in the maximum field intensity points and reflects the functional state of the biological object. To enhance the points' luminescence, the analyzed object must be covered by a thin dielectric layer (a paper, cotton fabric, polyester film, etc.). The diagnostic value is shown as brightness at the point of luminescence, as well as relaxation time.


Left ear of the living man


Atlas of the ear points


Left ear of the corpse

Electro-pulse and air-ion-therapy. “AcuVision” provides both electro-pulse and air-ion-therapy with an individual selection of acting mode.

Effects of air-ion action: Under action of an electric field of a high voltage ionization of air molecules takes place. Being the charged particles, air-ions move in the air on power lines of an electric field. It allows generation of the directed stream of air-ions. At collision with a surface of a skin and mucous membranes of respiratory tract air-ions lose the charge and turn to atoms and molecules having high reactionary ability.

Among specific effects trophic improvement is described at use of air-ions of negative polarity, and bactericidal effect in relation to pathogenic micro flora at use of aero-ions of positive polarity.

Inhalation of air-ions activates movement of fibers vibrating of tracheas and bronchial tubes epithelium and increase speed of sputum evacuation. Chemically active atoms and molecules cooperate with molecular complexes of biological membranes and induce allocation from cells of biologically active substances. Formed chemically active atoms and molecules stimulate metabolic processes in respiratory tract epithelium, cause expansion of arteriole and strengthening blood supply via vessels of bronchial tubes and pulmonary alveoli, activate reparation processes in respiratory tract. Products of air-ions recombination achieving a blood-air barrier activate capture of oxygen by red cells.

Effects of electro-pulse therapy: Electro-puncture is a therapeutic method which uses constants, pulse or alternating currents on acupoints. Such currents may cause excitation of nervous conductors taking place here and polarization of the tissue connected by acupoints with the subsequent change of their functional properties.

Electro-puncture causes activation mainly opioidergic neurotransmitter system of the brain by means of which it is carried out central analgesia. The low frequencies current increases the contents of meth-enkephalin in the brain liquor, and high frequencies current increases the contents of β-endorphin, causing more expressed analgesia accrues. Besides it is experimentally proved activities effect of electro-puncture on metabolism of nervous, muscular and epithelium tissue.

Air-ions and Electro-therapy by AcuVision device is needle-free, non-contact, non-invasive and painless.

For air-ions as well as for an electric current that action of negative polarity renders stimulation effect is general, and action of positive polarity gives sedation effect

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