AcuScen device



Manual for AcuScen Pro+ device [# ASPro+]

1. Technical Parameters of AcuScen device:
  1.1. Electro-pulse therapy by AcuScen device.
  1.2. The Electrical pulses generated by AcuScen device
  1.3. The adjustable characteristics of AcuScen device
     1.3.1. “Energy”
     1.3.2. Frequency
     1.3.3. Depth
     1.3.4. Damping
     1.3.5. Modulation
  1.4. Therapeutic and Diagnostic Modes
     1.4.1. MANUAL Mode
     1.4.2. AUTO Mode
     1.4.3. Double Variable Mode
     1.4.4. SCAN Mode
     1.4.5. MYO STIM Mode
     1.4.6. Using the Memory

2. Different Methods of Treatment with the AcuScen device
2.1. Different methods of AcuScen therapy
  2.2. The specific and general effects of AcuScen therapy
     2.2.1. Initial condition of patient’s body
     2.2.2. Non-specific effects produced by “dose” or electrical current
     2.2.3. Specific effects produced by electrical current
     2.2.4. Specific effects, which depend on the skin area selection
  2.3. Treatment Regimes
  2.4. Standard Treatment Settings for Sedation or Reinforcement

3. Using the Manual Setting

3.1. Using MANUAL mode: standardized and individualized methods
  3.2. Adjustable and Standard Settings of AcuScen device
  3.3. Directions of electrode travel
  3.4. Individualized selection of skin zones
  3.5. Localized pain relief
  3.6. General therapy by MANUAL mode
  3.7. Specific therapy by MANUAL mode

4. Using the Auto Setting

  4.1. Using Auto Mode in standardized treatment
  4.2. Localized pain relief
  4.3. Treating the Reflex zones
  4.4. Treating the Alarm Points
  4.5. Treating the Back- Shu points and the segmental zones
  4.6. General Treatment “3 pathways and 6 points” 

5. Using the Double Variable Setting

  5.1. Double Variable Setting
  5.2. The main indications for Double Variable Mode

6. Using the SCAN Setting

 6.1. SCAN Mode
  6.2. Adjusting the diagnostic/therapeutic settings in SCAN Mode
  6.3. Measuring the electrical characteristics of the skin in SCAN mode
  6.4. Skin electrical variations
  6.5. Measured parameters of the skin electrical variations
  6.6. Screening by “Initial Reaction”
  6.7. Screening by “Current Reaction” and “Dose”
  6.8. Screening by Form
  6.9. Screening by Velocity
  6.10. Using the “Velocity - O”

7. Using the MYO STIM Mode

8. Treatment of various diseases by AcuScen device

  8.1. Application of standard Reflexogenic zones and Acupoints
  8.2. Application of AcuScen devices on the base of TCM: short review
  8.3. Therapeutic sessions and courses of treatment
  8.4. Treatment of various diseases and conditions by AcuScen device:
     - Diseases of respiratory system
     - Diseases of cardiovascular system
     - Diseases of digestive system
     - Diseases of kidney and urinary tract
     - Orthopaedic diseases
     - Diseases of central and peripheral nervous system
     - Diseases of female reproductive system
     - Ear, pharynx and larynx diseases
     - Skin diseases
     - Sexual disorders
     - Dental diseases

9. Application of Accessories


1. Face is a mirror of the body and its health

2. Channels and Collaterals on the face
2.1. Regular Channels, which are crossing the face area.
  2.2. The congenital features shown on the face
  2.3. The acquired features shown on the face
  2.4. Local treatment of Tendino-Muscular channel disorders
  2.5. Application of AcuScen device on the face

3. Diseases and Conditions treated in Cosmetology
3.1. Acne
  3.2. Hair loss and Alopecia
  3.3. Cracked or Brittle nails
  3.4. Obesity and reduction the weight.
  3.5. Effect of Rejuvenation
  3.6. Skin diseases

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