There are metallic electrodes, electrodes for myo-stimulation, conductive Slippers, Socks and Gloves

Metallic electrodes

# ME 01: pencil-like electrode with separate external references, which patient should take in her/his hand in order to guarantee the closing of the circuit throughout the entire duration of the electro-stimulation procedure;
# ME 01A: pencil-like electrode with internal reference; this electrode allows for closing the circuit (the neutral reference is represented by the gripping of the pencil itself): the user who treats another person should contact him/her by active part of the electrode and also by the his/her own hand; the user who treats himself has to keep the pencil in his/her hand and proceed to touch the parts to be treated with the active part of the electrode.

Face-lift Web

ME 01

Face-lift WWW

ME 01A

Both types of electrodes come complete with 5 interchangeable electrodes to be screwed onto the distal screw of the pencil: there are ball-shaped, pointed (needle) non-traumatic long and short, mushroom and roller electrode versions. The electrical massage of the face provides increasing blood circulation at the massaged area and rejuvenation of the skin.

Face-1-web Face-2-web Face-4-web

# ME 02: A Double 6-mm sphere pencil for non-surgical face-lifting and massage.


ME 02


# ME 03: A pencil-like electrode for Electro-puncture with internal neutral reference. Also can be applied to determine the acupoints condition with the SCAN mode.


ME 03


# ME 04: A Double 16-mm sphere electrode for pain-relief and myo-stimulation.


ME 04



Disposable round electrodes [#MS-05] and reusable TENS pads [#MS-08] are used to stimulate various muscle groups. They can be effective in case of paralysis (for example facial paralysis), or neuralgia (for example, sciatica). Besides, they can be applied in case of obesity or cellulite. A set of round electrodes with Bi-polar [#MS06] or Quadri-polar [#MS07] connection cables are available.

MS 06


MS 08

Reusable Mono-polar [# CS 10] and Bipolar [# CS 11] Conductive Slippers for the Foot stimulation and Reflexology treatment. 

CS 10


CS 11

Reusable Conductive Socks [# CS 12] for the Foot stimulation and Conductive Gloves [# CG 13] for the Face massage and myo-stimulation. The set of Conductive Gloves includes 1 pair of conductive gloves with clip connection, 1 pair of insulating rubber gloves and cable with 2 snaps.

CS 12


CG 13

“COMB” electrode [CE # 14] applied on the skin covered with hair
Small Face electrode [SFE # 15], which is useful in cosmetology or pediatrics.

CE 14

comb-electrode Face-small

SFE 15

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