Acutech International

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AcuTech International Inc. was established in Canada to promote and distribute Diagnostic and Therapeutic equipment designed for holistic medicine, especially for traditional Oriental medicine.

We offer:

AcuScen is a device for electro-pulse therapy with biofeedback.
It delivers bi-polar electrical pulses, which resemble the natural pulses of the neural cells.

Artsakh is a device for microwave therapy or needle free acupuncture. It generates very

AcuVision is a device for visualization of acupoints, electro-pulse and air-ions therapy.

ANTEL is a hardware / software complex for definition of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Blankets for Rejuvenation and Energy saving, etc

These equipment can be applied by practitioners of acupuncture, massage, chiropractics, homeopathy, physiotherapy and other holistic therapies.

AcuTech International Inc. is a member of Quantum Medicine Association.

Whether you need:

AcuTech International Inc. strives to carry out scientific study and integrate traditional Oriental medicine into modern Western health care system.

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